STEP is a strategic and tactical entry test preparatory program by the Punjab Group, that offers entry test preparation services to students so that they can be admitted to professional institutes.

We can help clear up your confusion and direct you as to what sort of entry tests are considered in the universities after intermediate and  A- levels exams. Our entry test preparation course pack comprises of a question bank of 30,000+ MCQS and evaluative test papers interlinked with fluid dynamics, great teaching versatility and better use of class-time interactions via projectors to promote development of critical skills through simulated evaluative test preparation to harness higher order thinking abilities.

STEP is an entry test preparatory program operating under the umbrella of Punjab Group of Colleges that prepares you academically to take a step ahead and direct you towards your career goals. We offer you effective test preparatory manuals and effectual modules to prepare you for entrance test exams. Courses offered at STEP include MCAT/MDCAT, ECAT preparation, FUNGAT, NTS, LMDCAT (UHS Exclusive), LMDCAT (with NUMS), NUMS (Exclusive), LECAT, MCAT/MDCAT (Crash Program), SAT-I, NET (I, II, III), LUMS (SAT-I, S.S.E), LUMS (SAT-I, S.S.) + NET (I, II, III) and Sunday Sessions ’2020.

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