In the modern times, 4 year bachelor degree programs have taken hold of educational institutes and eligibility criteria for many higher education institutes and organizations. So to comply with the latest education trends and standards, Punjab College Jaranwala administration decided to offer 4 years bachelor’s degree programs affiliated with Govt. College University Faisalabad.

However, the demand for 2 year bachelor degree programs has not ended. The 2 year bachelor degree programs are simple and take a shorter time. The students are able to graduate early and to contribute to the work force early by opting for 2 year bachelor degree.

Associate Degree Program:

The Associate Degree Program is a smart choice for the students in this fast paced world. This program allows students to obtain a professional degree in a selected subject area and lands his or her career right after 2 years education.

Associate Degree Program grants two years degree that is equivalent to bachelor degree of 2 years. The advantage of this degree is that it offers a specialization in a selected subject area.  This degree program is a better and advance option for all the students searching options for bachelor degree online in 2 years. After obtaining a degree under this program students are able to land a career immediately.

What sets it apart?
  • Equivalent to the conventional 2 year bachelor degree programs
  • It offers 4-semesters that lead to 2-years degree
ADP is mainly offered in following subject areas:
  • Accounting & Finance
  • IT Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • Export Marketing

Students can get a professional degree in 2 years by opting for ADP.  The program allows them to obtain a 2 year Business degree, IT degree, Finance degree, Sales and Marketing degree, and much more.

Associate Degree in IT Management:

Information Technology is a fast growing field in the modern era. It is an area of innovation and advancement. All the areas of development are connected to this one field.

ADP in IT Management prepares the students with the skills to solve technical and managerial problems. The degree opens the doors for them to enter a business and IT environment.

Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance

ADP in Accounting & Finance integrates accounting and financial management courses into a two year professional degree. Students learn to evaluate accounts and finances and to tackle them in the business.

The program equips the students with the required skills to enter the job market after 2 years education.

Associate Degree in Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing Associate Degree can lead to a professional career in a sales related field.

The program offers the skills needed to land a career in sales and marketing. Students get to learn to use the concepts and analyze market needs so they can capitalize on opportunities.

ADP in Marketing & Sales Management prepares students to contribute in various aspects of selling, marketing, and advertising.

Associate Degree in Retail Management

ADP Retailing can lead to a professional career at retail outlets and chains. The degree enhances the knowledge of the retail field and prepares students to deal with customers and employees. The degree teaches students to choose and price the inventory based on the market demands.

Associate Degree in Export Marketing

ADP in Export Marketing teaches students to record shipments. The course includes the rules and regulations of customs. The matters such as tariffs, insurance, duties & taxes, and trade quotas are introduced.

The degree in Import & Export Marketing area opens door to the scope in the global economy and cross-cultural communication. Students interested in a career related to imports and exports can pursue the Associate Degree with a specialized training in export marketing.

Associate Degree Program is the option most suited for the students who want to land a career immediately after graduation. However, 2 year bachelor degree programs are still being offered at many prestigious institutes for the benefit of the students who want to opt for these courses. The scope of a 2 year bachelor degree is still there in the terms of pursing higher education or getting a graduate level qualification. The option to go for either of the options is open, thus it is very much dependent on you to opt for what you want.

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